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benb - 5-6-2016 at 01:44 PM

Ima Robot had a lot of styles. Their stuff from the 90's that was hip-hopish and out there is probably my favorite of everything they've done just because of how bizarre and strange it is compared to their later stuff. Not to mention I love the low-fi sound some of them have.

I would say my least favorite period from the band was MTTM.

what do you think of Ima Robot's styles over the years?


ducky - 5-6-2016 at 02:09 PM

There isn't a song alex has made that i've disliked, but for me it's like a slope. the earliest stuff is my top fav, and it slowly goes downward. that said I still absolutely love AMT, it's cool to see how timmy and filip also changed with alex.


RazinRakun - 5-7-2016 at 05:00 AM

Same here. The range of their songs are so wide that I tend to listen to whatever seems to fit my mood at the time. AMT has some greats like Sail with Me, Peru, and Greenback Boogie. But if I want to headbang and go crazy I put on their first album (the one I grew so close to). They were very experimental, but sadly I don't see them coming back to that style any time soon, especially after hearing some interviews of him pretty much going through a whole 'rebirth' as Edward Sharpe, but we'll see.

Re: Styles

imaelmo - 3-21-2017 at 04:47 PM

My favorite style from Ima would have to be in between the self titled record and right before MTTM came out