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One of Alex's Reddit AMAs

Philosophofee - 6-17-2016 at 02:51 PM

A few months back, Alex did an AMA over on Reddit and there were a handful of questions regarding the fate of Ima Robot and their current status as a band. I felt like this one's response was the best one. I figured you guys would dig it too.

I can't get it to insert the hyperlink correctly, gah.

One of Alex's Reddit AMAs

ducky - 6-17-2016 at 03:05 PM

I hope they can do stuff together soon. They all gotta be real busy people nowadays, I can barely make plans with old friends with a flexible work schedule

One of Alex's Reddit AMAs

Philosophofee - 6-17-2016 at 04:15 PM

Yeah, definitely. If I remember correctly, Timmy had a daughter several years back, he also stills does stuff with Werewolf Heart (he helped Twenty One Pilots lay down tracks for "Message Man" most recently I believe), and now Alex lives in New Orleans with his partner and daughter as well. That on top of Filip having various DJ projects like Poolside and all his other artistic endeavors, Alex doing stuff with the Zeros and his various political projects, etc, make for a difficult time trying to reassemble, even if they were all still in Cali together. The distance certainly doesn't help that. But it's really nice to know that they all still talk frequently and still have a seemingly strong bond despite Alex's past drug problems and all their families and lives taking up their time. Something about knowing that they're still good friends makes me very happy.