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All Alone Again At Christmastime

benb - 9-17-2018 at 08:02 PM

It's all nice out
It's getting dark
Love's fading

Devil in me comes arising in the night
And I love you, but that's not enough, there's other plans
Sittin' back, watch the walls go black with dust

I'm all alone again at Christmas time
Don't leave me home again at Christmas time

In my car
Pick me up
Take me home
Tumble home
And I'll be by
Sleep all night
Save my life


This one is black, it's labeled as (black by wine)
Times pass like ghosts and guns
I was born under the stars and the sun
??? (run)


Christmas is time
Over the year
Don't let me home now,
Don't let me near
If Christmas has come
The end of the year
Don't let me home now,
Don't let me near


You're so pretty
I hate to see you go

Girl is in my work
And if I may
I thin my (?)
And in my fear
I cut my rope
And it's so near
(It's in my fear?)
In my world
It's in my cause
And in my ?
And in my car
And in my world
's in my ?
And you're my girl
(And it's the way)
(It's in my back)
(It's ok?)
(And it's so ?)
You're my girl
You're my girl