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I Vs. I

benb - 2-3-2020 at 01:12 PM

On January 31, Alex Ebert dropped I Vs. I, his sophomore solo album release.

This album features 14 tracks, alternating in style between rap and hip hop with tracks like "Automatic Youth" and "Gold," getting alternative with tracks like "I Smoke" and "Fluid" and a few nods to the traditional Alex Ebert style with tracks like "Stronger" and "Her Love."

From an interview on Flaunt Magazine:
In so many ways this album sounds most like the early Ima Robot demos I made when I was a kid. Sort of a caution-less jumble of melody and rap, synthetic and organic. But I think like a lot of things in life, the things that come most naturally are often the things we pass over. I didn’t entirely trust myself back then, so I did 20 years of exploration. Navigating back to your birthday suit can get really tricky when just about any suit fits... I catch myself lamenting having waited so long to return to this - it really is my most baked-in musical state.

The album is very organic and raw, exploring different topics that listeners can break down into their own meanings and apply to their own stories. The sonic quality of the songs hearkens back to the days of Ima Robot for sure, but explores a different type of sound that is very incomparable to other artists, including Alex himself!

The album explores an Alex that we haven't heard since the Underdogs EP. You can stream the record on Spotify or Bandcamp here:

Listen to Alex's post-release thoughts here: