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Author: Subject: In Support of 5ame Dude Vol. 2
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[*] posted on 9-17-2018 at 11:27 AM
In Support of 5ame Dude Vol. 2

Today, on September 17 Alex dropped his second EP of old tracks under the 5ame Dude lineup. He gave a few words about each song and you can listen to them all here:

1. Good Behavior
"I made that song with fake, everything, basically. And then I thought, let's get some horns in here. So I think we got a quartet. And - what's the name of that band... Naughty Professor. Most of them, local New Orleans dudes in a band called Naughty Professor. Great Jazz... I don't want to make a mistake and call them the wrong genre, I was gonna say fusion, but... like, yknow, dope shit. And young dudes, they came in and they just crushed it. So in the middle of the song you'll hear a breakdown where, I think one of the guys just started doing scales, practicing, and of course I immediately stopped and was like, 'everybody do that.' And so in the middle of the song you hear a breakdown, and that was unplanned. That's one of those things that just happens in the studio, on the fly. So that middle section is played live. That's not sequenced, or programmed, or anything, that's them playing those scales live. And that's one of my favorite parts - I just fuckin' love this song, and one thing you'll notice is a lot of crowd yelling. I just heard a crowd yelling over this song as one of the instruments, so it's literally laced throughout the whole song. Then we have the outro, which is my favorite part besides the breakdown. I just love the way the vocal bounces around itself. I know it's a bizarre thing to analyze my songs and praise them so, but I dig it."

2. My Love, My Love a.k.a. "I Can't Hear You, You're Screaming Too Loud"
"Easily the best bass I've ever played, rhythmically anyway. That song - I did a session in L.A. with Josh - The ESMZ drummer, the genius fucking drummer that is Josh Collazo, and we just did a whole session all day of him drumming. And I just got a bunch of beats from him, and started playing bass over it. The way the bass sort of dances around the beat, and because it's sort of constantly playing off the two, it's hard to tell what the fuck is going on and I just love it. And one of those days, you know, you wake up and your voice is all fucked up, and you're like 'ah, this is a perfect day to sing' - but those days are sort of rare. I think it was right off a tour so my voice was still husky. I didn't want to fuck the track up with too much of the English language - language can be really distracting. So instead I just sort of belted out some sort of approximations of language, and I think that's better."

3. Baby
"This was also born from one of the drum takes that Josh did. It's incredible that it is, because it's such a dope breakbeat. He absolutely crushes it. I had this flute solo I wanted to do, and it's a very simple song."

4. Unholy Night
"It reminds me of dark pixies, or something. Nico, our guitar player in ES, was here during the recording of that and laid down some really sweet electronic guitar on that. We were trippin' on this song and trippin' on the fact that I kept going 'unhooooly night... unhooooly night...' To be honest, the night I was honestly thinking of was the night that Trump won. Hahahaha."

5. Shut Your Mouth
"I dunno, it's just a fuckin' song. I dunno. It reminds me of something -- it's really beautiful, and the ending is really beautiful, and I like the repetition of the refrain at the end. And just allowing it to just end without drums, and just sort of continue. It's a nice way to say goodbye to you all."

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9-17-2018 at 05:40 PM
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[*] posted on 9-18-2018 at 12:28 AM

this shit is so solid. honestly had it on repeat all day.

"Shut Your Mouth" definitely my favorite. it's just so mellow and soothing to me. something about it, not sure what though.

honestly hoping volume 3 will have like 10 songs. hahaha but i know it won't happen.
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10-10-2018 at 04:30 AM

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